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10 reasons boomers are quitting Facebook due to security concerns

Monday, March 22nd 2010 @ 8:56 AM (not yet rated)    post viewed 7155 times

I was recently interviewed by Joan Goodchild, a senior editor at CSO Online, about security and privacy concerns with Facebook. Her story covers 10 reasons for quitting Facebook - and one reason to stay on. Here's a link to her story, which includes several comments from yours truly: _On_

I often tell people that there is a lot of value in using social media, but you have to consider the risks. When the risks are laid out as they are in this article, it does make for a pretty compelling argument for opting out of social networking sites like Facebook.

When I deliver training presentations and workshops, there are still about 30% of the attendees who "avoid social media and social networking sites like the plague" - an observation pointed out in the above article.

There's no doubt about it, you're a lot less likely to get burned if you're not using these sites. But if you see the value, and know how to protect yourself, then go ahead. Just remember that even seasoned security experts are getting duped by phishing scams.


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