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Streetwise Security Zone Community

The Streetwise Security Zone is a community that provides collaboration and training tools for individuals who want to improve security in their workplace or at home.

"There's no shame in NOT having a budget for information security; but it is essential that you know what you have that's at risk, and what you can do to protect it."

- Scott Wright, The Streetwise Security Coach

If you're a business manager or other individual with a limited budget for information security (who isn't?) and find it a challenge to keep up with information security risks, The Streetwise Security Zone lets you learn how to assess your situation and plan for security within your means.

Unlike many other web-based security resources, we provide tools and tutorials, as well as a constant supply of articles and podcasts that are focused on the needs of non-technical and non-security managers.

The following is an example of how we've helped save members' time and money:



Many thanks for the security tip this morning. When I got home this evening I had an email, similar to the one you said was going around. If I had not read your security bulletin earlier, I may have clicked on the link, thinking it was from my "trusted friend". Glad I joined your group as this one occurrence probably saved me hours of time, not to mention the potential loss of important data.

Thank you.



I appreciate that many organizations don't like to speak freely about their security issues. This can make it hard for a community to grow. So, you can select "Hide my real name" when you begin registering. Then, you can pick a Nickname for yourself (on page 2 of the registration process) that will be used in public comments and Live Netcasts. This will allow you to chat more freely about sensitive issues without letting people know what organization you belong to. However, you must use a valid email address, or your account will be deleted.

However, I reserve the right to discontinue memberships for abuse of anonymity.

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