Dave's adventure with a USB drive from work... Security Awareness - Public » Video
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Trivia Quiz Video

Streetwise Non-Trivial Security Quiz Video Loop - Just like in the movie theaters, this tool is a great way to engage people before a presentation, or while they pass by a booth or kiosk.

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 Streetwise Customizable Non-Trival Security Quiz PowerPoint Deck - As the basis for the video loop above, this PowerPoint Deck lets you change, add or delete questions. You can create your own PowerPoint loop or video for open houses, kiosks and trade show booths. With some PowerPoint know-how, you can change the background graphics and logos. 

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Dave's adventure with a USB drive from work...

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Video Information

Security Awareness - Public » Video 
Dave's adventure with a USB drive from work... 

This clip illustrates a risk to intellectual property from using unsecured USB drives.

This video clip is also available on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/hEl16uOlkG4

These kinds of clips can be very effective at engaging employees, and are much more cost-effective than using a professional web video designer. I create them myself, and can create custom variations on these simple, generic scnarios, or I can create a fully custom clip, made to your specifications.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss using any of my existing clips in your program, or if you would like to have a custom clip created.

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